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Julz will show you how personalised Pilates practice will help you to move better and feel better about the body you are in.

About Julz

Hi, I'm Julz, I have over 15 years experience, the highest Pilates qualifications, I am 42, a mother of two, one natural and one C-Section birth so I fully understand how to train women's bodies and cater to all stages of our life. We go through so many stages as women and its vital that we take care of ourselves. I am also excellent at training men and understanding how to cater to their individual needs and requirements.

I run a Pilates Studio from my home in Caringbah South and I also work with my long term business associate Johanna May Pilates in Kensington.

I am passionate about Pilates and how it can serve your body through each stage, throughout your life span.

I have the knowledge, charisma and passion to help you move and feel better about the body that you are in!

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All new clients begin with an "Initial Pilates Consultation" I will assess your health/fitness needs and requirements and we will run through the Pilates Fundamentals. Armed with this knowledge along with my 15 years of experience, and many Pilates qualifications I will then cater your sessions to your individual requirements. I focus on personal Pilates Training so whilst I do have an online booking system its always best to contact me directly via Julz Email or mobile so that we can work out a suitable training schedule for you.
I look forward to meeting you! From, Julz

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Our services

Private Pilates Sessions

Private Pilates Sessions

Get Julz and absolute privacy. Let Julz build your body confidence with her unique training style that will uplift you and get you faster results.


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"Mini" Group Pilates Sessions

"Mini" Group Pilates Sessions

Want to mix it up with my clients?  All sessions are personalised to each clients needs (physcial, emotional and social). This is also a social session so if you're not into that, stick to privates. Mini group sessions (up to 3 people).

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Compex Sessions

Compex Sessions

The most efficient Pilates Training on the market. We use the Compex machine to superset your muscles in your sessions. Used by world class athletes the compex machine is a game changer.


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Private Training

Private Training

Initial Consultation: $150

5 Sessions: $550

10 Sessions: $1000

Mini Group Classes

Mini Group Classes

Intro Pack: 1 x Initial Consult + 4 "Mini Group" Sessions: $300

5 Sessions: $250

10 Sessions: $450

Larger packs/Memberships available for committed clients.

All packages are to be used within 3 months.

Compex Pilates Sessions

Compex Pilates Sessions

5 Sessions: $700

10 Sessions: $1300

Compex Stickers: Individual sets are required for hygiene purposes have been included in the pricing depending on how much you sweat they should last you at least 10 sessions.

Email Julz

Do you want to move better and feel more confident? Please make contact, ask me how I can serve your needs.


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